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    Emerson Sensi smart thermostat
    emerson sensi smart thermostat

    Now-a-days, these thermostats are very famous due to the various features that they provide to the users. In simple words, the thermostats can be defined as a regulating device that helps in maintaining the temperature of any system within the required optimum range. Thus, these devices play a very important role in various systems and environments. The emerson sensi smart thermostat can be regarded as one of the latest thermostats that are available in the market.

    It is very advanced compared to the other thermostats and provides the users with a wide range of features which are very alluring. It is very user friendly and the process of using this device is very simple and does not involve any complexities. Due to these features, this device has a great popularity among customers worldwide and the demand for the device is increasing day by day. In this article, we will be discussing more about the various aspects of this thermostat in detail. So, without much delay let us begin our discussion of the topic.

    Important features of emerson sensi smart thermostat

    1.       Traditional Footprint

    By this, we mean that, like the other thermostats that are available in the market, this will also take the same amount of space in your home. Sometimes, we may assume that, since the device is more advanced and has numerous additional features, it may take up more space compared to the traditional ones. But this can be completely regarded as a false assumption. 

    It will take the same space as the traditional thermostats. As a result, we do not have to worry about making structural modifications to our home or painting it. Not only, thermostat, in case of all devices, this is an essential criterion that people check before making the purchase. Thus, this thermostat surely passes this criterion!

    2.       No C-Wire

    C-wire is nothing but the common wire. In case of these thermostats, the common wire is not present. In traditional thermostats the common wire or C-wire is usually present and this makes the installations very difficult. But in case of the emerson sensi smart thermostat, the common wire is not present and as a result the installation process becomes very much simpler. Thus, this can be regarded as one of the essential features of this thermostat.

    3.       Smart Alerts

    This can also be regarded as one of the essential features of this thermostat. This feature is usually absent in the traditional thermostats. With the help of this feature, we will be able to receive alert messages through our emails whenever there is an issue with the temperature regulation. Hence, whenever there is a problem associated with the heating or cooling of our house, this thermostat immediately alerts us through email.

    As we know we can access our email from anywhere, anytime and hence we can monitor the temperature regulating device that has been installed in our home from anywhere and respond immediately in case of any problems. Thus, it is very appropriate to say that this device is indeed very smart compared to the other traditional thermostats.

    4.       Energy Usage

    This can also be regarded as one of the most important features of the emerson sensi smart thermostat. With the help of this feature, we will be able to efficiently monitor the total energy usage of our home every month through a mobile application. Thus, it helps us to remain updated regarding our energy consumption every month. This will surely help us to make sure that the energy consumptions remain within a normal range and do not exceed it.

    In addition to this, a monthly energy usage report will also be sent on our registered email id every month. Thus, these features are very advanced and surely increase the popularity of this thermostat. These features definitely make this thermostat very user friendly.

    5.       Wi-Fi Connection

    It is a very popular feature that consumers prefer now-a-days on all devices. The ability of a device to connect to the Wi-Fi connection makes it very much easier to use. In case of the emerson sensi smart thermostat, this feature is present and hence it gets connected very easily to your mobile phone. Once the Wi-Fi connection has been established, you can control all the temperature settings of the thermostat through your phone. Thus, this feature essentially simplifies the use of this thermostat to a great extent.

    6.       Humidity Monitoring

    This device also monitors the humidity of our home. It further displays this humidity reading on the screen of the device as well as on our mobile application. Thus, this device keeps us up-to-date regarding the condition of our home.

    7.       Easy DIY installation

    The installation of this device can be regarded as very simple and easy. As mentioned before, this thermostat does not require a common wire or C-wire. Hence, the installation process becomes much simpler. Before installation, one should definitely download the Sensi application. This application will provide us the much-required guidance regarding the installation.

    Again because of its traditional design, it can be installed very quickly and it is also compatible with a wide range of heating and cooling systems. Thus, it is evident that we can confidently install this device by ourselves without any external help.

    8.       Seamless smart home integration

    By this, we mean that this thermostat works efficiently with almost all of the smart home systems that are currently available in the market. This includes Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, etc.

    So, in this article we have discussed about various important features of the emerson sensi smart thermostat. From our discussion, it is quite evident that this thermostat is surely worthy of purchase. Apart from these interesting features, this thermostat can also save a lot of energy. It approximately helps in saving about twenty-three percent of our HVAC energy usage.

    Thus, it considerably reduces our monthly energy cost to a great extent. Hence it is evident that this is one of the most efficient thermostat that is available in the market!!

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