Effective Ways to Cover Old Hideous Ceiling in Your Home

Old Hideous Ceiling in Your Home

Sometimes, people ignore the ceilings when designing a home. There are many ways to make use of your current ceiling to update the appearance of your living room, regardless of whether you have high or normal ceilings. Painting your ceiling a different color, adding panels or tiles, or even wallpapering the ceiling are a few low-cost alternatives. Besides you can also remove the old ceiling with some new structure.

The correct remodeling, such as painting the living room a lighter color, can even make a low ceiling appear higher and the space feel larger. Alternatively, you can utilize these ceiling ideas to help design a ceiling you already love, like a dramatic vaulted ceiling or a ceiling with gorgeous exposed beams.

Tiles for the Ceiling

A drop ceiling can be a cheap way to hide a ceiling that seems like it belongs in a business building if that’s okay with you. Installing a grid system and lining the openings with ceiling tiles are the tasks involved in this project. If you know how to use a level, this is usually a much more economical endeavor than other techniques.

These machine-washable white ceiling tiles resist mold and mildew. They are designed to not sag, too. They can be used in any location, from a bedroom to a cellar, and come in packs of 40.

Ceiling Panel and Faux Beam

Installing a panel and beam ceiling is another rather easy option to alter the look of your ceiling. The beams in the ceiling are only boxes erected to give the appearance of structural beams; they are not the real thing. But if yours is an old house that was built in the 80s, chances are you may have a popcorn ceiling. So before you can install these hollow ornamental wood beams you first have to bear the asbestos ceiling removal cost, maybe then install the new ceiling style.: After making the necessary adjustments, mount the mounting plate and fasten the beam to it. Instant opulence, wham!

Ceiling in Living Room with Wallpaper

Wallpapering your ceiling is a great way to add drama and individuality to your living area. This room’s wallpaper is an abstract pattern in gray tones that gives intrigue without overpowering the room’s maximalist aesthetic. This stylish and elegant living room decor features a leather sofa, an elaborate area rug, and dark blue walls. Wallpapers are not only limited to the walls, you can make do with them as ceiling paper as well. It is an artistic approach very rarely consumed by homeowners. Trying this will actually give you the chance to remove old ceilings that may otherwise look bad.

Dual-Toned Roof

This living room’s ceiling pattern initially appears to match the simple walls. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that the ceiling is painted a shade or two darker than the walls. This modest variation creates a slight divide between the walls and ceiling and allows the room’s stronger design elements, like the blue couch and patterned rug, to take center stage.

Adding color to the mix is always a desired look for th interior designers. So they recommend that adding a noticeable shade to the ceiling can improve the old hideous ceiling, giving it a new look. 

Include a Molding and a Coffered Ceiling

A lofty ceiling with a grid of deep recesses created by the intersecting heavy ornamental beams is sometimes referred to as having a coffered ceiling. However, by applying a grid of stock moldings to the ceiling, you may get a comparable look with far less material and effort on a low ceiling. Paint the moldings a color or shine that complements the flat surfaces of the ceiling to create even more contrast. For a modern look, arrange the ceiling molding in a non-traditional grid pattern.

Add PVC Tiling

Although PVC is used to make surface-mount ceiling tiles, drop-in PVC tiles are also available. The procedure for installing PVC ceiling tiles is the same as that of installing a traditional drop ceiling. PVC drop-ceiling panels are watertight, in contrast to standard panels.

These thick, impact-resistant, and rust- and stain-resistant black vinyl ceiling panels have a sleek appearance that we adore. They add a touch of much-needed sophistication to give an appealing look to the old ceiling structure.

Use Paint to Become Dynamic

Rather than using wallpaper (if not the first choice), paint your own ceiling pattern. This contemporary space features a black-and-white geometric ceiling design that mimics the shapes and colors of the unique sofa below. A light fixture designed in an abstract style reflects the same acute angles.

You can add chandeliers to compliment the dreamy effect you’ve been so wanting to add. However when choosing the dynamic paint and texture, keep an open mind, and try and test some patterns first. You can also opt for mix-and-match paints for the ceiling pattern. 

Clear Contrast

Although they can contrast with white walls and ceilings, natural wood beams can not go well with modern furnishings. Instead of staining, paint the crown molding and beams a solid color to get a similar look. The walls, ceiling, and painted white brick fireplace accentuate the warm gray ceiling beams and molding, which contrast effectively with the orange and blue décor.

This way you will not have to remove the old ceiling entirely, but also work within the desired budget without too much remodeling the particular room. 

Ceiling with Metallic Wallpaper

Since natural light can be scarce in some areas of the house, interior design should maximize available natural light. The metallic wallpaper on this ceiling helps to bounce natural light around this modest living area. This ceiling coating brightens the space and gives the jewel-toned area more warmth and character. It’s a trending approach to replace the old ceiling structure with minimal effort. However, you can always explore more options in terms of metallic wallpaper.


You may not want to spend loads of money to hide old ceiling texture, patterns, or the entire ceiling itself. However with this approach you can make the necessary but desired changes while keeping the budget in mind.