Best Custom Christmas Boxes to Make Your Holiday Season Extra Special

Custom Christmas Boxes

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Ali Hamza

While the Christmas season is all about giving, receiving gifts during this time of year can sometimes be more stressful than enjoyable. More and more customers are opting to give gifts in custom boxes to make their holiday season extra special and to keep their gift-giving easy and convenient. Check out these top three Custom Christmas Boxes that will help you make your holiday season truly unique and one-of-a-kind!

Gift boxes – What are they?

Gift boxes are a great way of presenting the perfect gift for someone special in your life. The type of box you choose says a lot about the recipient and the kind of personality they have. A wide range of options is available, including custom Christmas boxes that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

 Personalized gift boxes – What are they?:

Personalized gifts are a great way of expressing how you feel about someone. Being able to add your own personal touches adds another level of meaning and makes giving a gift special. As such, it’s not surprising that many people are opting for personalized Christmas boxes when they choose a present.

 Commercial gift boxes – What are they?:

Commercial Christmas boxes may be an option if you’re looking for something more traditional and understated. The practical nature of such presents means they work well as part of a corporate gift or as a present to give an employee. Unlike custom boxes, they don’t tend to include many additional extras such as bows or wrapping paper, making them affordable too.

 Customized holiday boxes – What are they?:

If you want something a little different, why not opt for customized Christmas boxes? It’s certainly a unique idea and it means that you can make presents look however you want them to. No matter what your budget is or how much time you have available. There is sure to be an option available that fits your needs.

Unique gift box ideas:

Christmas is a time for giving, and sometimes we forget that it’s the thought that counts. If you’re looking for a meaningful present this year, consider creating custom boxes full of thoughtful items.

 There are several different types of boxes you can consider to make your gift truly special. The options start with your selection of material. Cardboard is a wonderful, sturdy option that doesn’t cost too much but it also offers versatility and is completely recyclable.

 If you’d like a sturdier, more permanent design, wood is your material of choice. Depending on your selection and finishing options. Wood boxes can be painted or stained in any color palette for a unique look.

Free printable gift box templates:

Customizable Christmas boxes can make your holiday season extra special. Check out these free printable gift box templates and find the perfect one for your loved ones!

 No matter how many gifts you give. How much time do you spend wrapping them? Or whether they’re homemade or store-bought. They’ll look more memorable and exciting when presented in a customized holiday box. These free printable gift box templates are easy to use. And customize so you can create unique packaging for your present no matter what it is!

You can use them for small, individual gifts or big items like sweaters and books.

How to make custom boxes?

All you need are some cardboard boxes, some wrapping paper or gift wrap, a marker, scissors, and a ruler. Use the marker and ruler to measure the height of your box. Then draw a long rectangle that’s. Just slightly taller than your measurement (the height plus an inch or two). Cut out the rectangle and tape it in place on one of the short sides of the box. Now use the marker to mark off where you want your slit on top of that rectangle.

 Roll out your wrapping paper or gift wrap and lay it on top of that rectangle. Mark off where you want each fold. You’ll need a rectangle that’s about half as tall as your box is wide—for example. For a 1x1x1-inch box, you’d use a .5x.5-inch piece of wrapping paper or gift wrap. Add another inch or two on top of those dimensions so you have some wiggle room when making those folds.

 Fold over your rectangle (the paper or gift wrap, not your cardboard). Then cut along those folds you marked in place. When you’re done, that piece of wrapping paper or gift wrap will. Fit is neatly on top of your box, secured by your slit and flaps. Voilà! You have Custom Boxes with no visible tape marks.

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