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If you have invested in real estate, choosing the right property management Hamilton company can make or break your investment. There are several ways to find a good company, such as getting a referral or looking for reviews on Yelp and Google. Choosing a good property management company should be based on the reputation of the company as well as a number of other factors, such as cost and response time.

Choosing A Good Property Management Company Can Make Or Break Your Real Estate Investment

Hiring a property management company is an important decision for your real estate investment. The company you choose should have experience and knowledge in the local market and should be familiar with the expectations you have for your property. Choosing a company with a large client base is a good choice because it will have a good network of local vendors and a good reputation in the community. It should be reliable and provide good customer service. A poor property manager can cost you money in the long run.

A good property management company should have extensive experience in renting out properties. They should know how to deal with many different types of rental issues and can solve them quickly. They should also screen tenants carefully. This is important because irresponsible tenants can cause serious damage to your property and make it more difficult to rent in the future. In addition, they may not pay their rents on time and could lead to eviction.

Good property managers know how to maximize your profits by minimizing vacancies and filling vacant units quickly. They also maintain relationships with trusted and tested contractors to negotiate discounts and service preferences.

Getting A Referral

Referral marketing is a powerful strategy that a property management company can use to increase its client base. Studies have shown that customers are four times more likely to buy a product from someone they know if they have been referred to it by a friend. In fact, McKinsey research indicates that word of mouth is the primary factor in 50% of all purchasing decisions.

To increase referrals, create a referral kit and include resources for customers to use to share their experience with your company. This can include case studies, testimonials, eBooks, and more. Then, promote the landing page as widely as possible. Email campaigns with a call to action are a great way to ask for referrals.

The Internet is another great source of referrals. You can find lists of property management companies on various websites. Those websites will also give you the opportunity to read reviews and ratings of each company. You can also check whether a particular property management company has a complaint history with the Better Business Bureau.

Yelp And Google Reviews

Yelp and Google reviews are great sources of information when choosing a property management company. However, you should take note that these two sites have different standards for evaluating a company. The latter, for example, uses an algorithm to eliminate reviews that are either fake or are not relevant to the business. This algorithm takes into account several factors including the reviewer’s location and online presence.

The company you choose should have a large number of positive reviews on Yelp and Google. Google is more likely to be used by consumers looking for property management companies than any other search engine. That’s why it’s essential for you to check these online reviews.

Look for management companies with at least four stars. These companies are doing their jobs well. They’re getting reviews from both clients and tenants. Look for a balance between good and bad reviews. If a management company is getting negative reviews, this is a red flag.


A property management company’s reputation is crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining tenants. This reputation can be damaged by negative reviews, especially when these are publicized online. It’s therefore important for a property management company to monitor its social media profiles. In addition, they should post positive images and comments. Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, but there are ways to keep up with recent changes.

A property management company’s reputation is built through its customers. In the past, the company may have built its reputation based on word of mouth and written testimonials. These days, property managers can also get their reputation by posting testimonials on corporate websites and on online review sites. Regardless of the method used, it’s important to respond to all reviews. A poorly received review can lead to negative publicity and even cause the property management company to lose customers. A property management company’s reputation can also be affected by rents. Considering that 77% of renters will skip an apartment without reading a review online, a good reputation is essential for maintaining tenant satisfaction. In fact, a high Reputation Score adds an average of $3 million to a property management company’s top line every year.

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