Brand Storytelling: Making The Best Of Stories And Promotions

Brand Storytelling

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Brand storytelling refers to enticing narration to introduce and connect your brand to the target audience by sharing product and company values. Brand storytelling aims to create long-term relationships with your audience.

It’s not a new phenomenon in product marketing because many manufacturers have used the idea of storytelling since over a decade ago. Some successfully achieve their goals, while others swallow failure.

When it comes to brand storytelling, you have no other options but to make a captivating narration of your product and company. Here are some important aspects to develop the best brand storytelling and promotion.

Creating Enticing and Emotional Storyline

A big challenge to make brand storytelling is to establish an enticing and emotional storyline. Sometimes, it takes longer as you might have to think from a different perspective.

The star of the story is not you or your product, but your audience. So, put your feet in their shoes to portray their struggle. Here are aspects to come up with an enticing and emotional storyline

  • Highlight problems and pain points
  • Offer solutions
  • Mention advantages that your brand carries
  • Mention why it’s different from your competitors

It’ll be more engaging if your narrative is audience-centered. This way they can see themselves being portrayed as the main character who needs help to solve their problem.

Data-driven Narrative

To make your narrative even more engaging, you won’t have enough by mentioning the point above. Spice up your story by adding data from trustworthy sources. You can cite data from Google, institutions, scholarly research, or government.

Not only from external sources, but you can also come up with your data to describe your business growth. For example, telling audiences how much your company has grown and helped customers over the years.

Brand’s Purpose, Visions, and Mission

Level up your brand storytelling by mentioning your brand values, including purpose, values, visions, and missions. Sounds confusing? Let’s break down one by one.


When it comes to brand purpose, marketers usually refer to the famous Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle: Why, How, and What.

Why refers to the reasons you create your brand. How refers to the advantages or plus points of your product/brand, and what refers to the product or services you offer.

Visions and Missions

Brand visions are usually in the form of aspirational statements that your company carries and what kind of impact on the humankind or environment.

While missions refer to the act and commitment of the company to achieve its visions. You can’t deny the fact that every big brand in the world carries its purpose and values in every campaign, commercial, and platform they have.

A Perfect Tool for Brand Storytelling

Do you think engaging narration alone is enough to engage audiences? Well, we would say no. You can level up your game by choosing the best tool for building your brand image.

The perfect tool to lock your audiences’ eyes and minds is by pouring your story into moving visuals aka video. For the last few years, animated commercials have been a game-changer for marketers.

Videos give positive feedback by increasing revenue growth to 49% compared to other marketing strategies. Moreover, video marketing can raise brand awareness to 54%.

Last Bit of Tips

Creating brand storytelling can be challenging and time-consuming. It requires creativity and a well-planned strategy to perform the best stories and promotions.

To speed up the process and make you less overwhelmed, it’s always allowed to take a look at your competitors’ work. Learn their key to success and make them your reference. Study their mistakes so you won’t stumble into the same trouble as them.

Lastly, use the best tool to boost your effort. Making commercial videos is very promising for the development of your brand. Imagine how strong your brand storytelling would be when visuals and narrations work in harmony.

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