Best Gears for Military Troops For Higher Safety And Security


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In every mission of the military, they put themselves at a greater risk. Although, they are made prepared for every possible situation. Things can always go out of the ordinary, and situations can get deadly. Military operations are nothing like normal plans.

A small mistake or miscalculation can be devastating. So, for military people, it is important to be ready for every situation they may come across. So, using a proper military bulletproof vest and ballistic plates can really save you from getting gravely injured. Let’s know more about these basic safety and tactical gears in the military.

Military safety and tactical gears

Military Bulletproof vest

A military bulletproof vest is a personal safety gear used by the majority of military troops. These bullet-resistant armors are widely used during patrolling or during missions. Unlike any other vest, they come in military camo, so it helps in camouflaging during missions.

These vests use Kevlar fiber as the base material. It has multiple layers of Kevlar fiber, which acts like a flexible but sturdy net to capture the bullet and stop it in its track. In addition, they are covered with a water and dust resistant cover that protects them from the natural element and get all dusty and eroded.

There are several levels of military bulletproof vests. And each vest provides a different level of safety. And for adequate safety, a level IIIA military bulletproof vest and a ballistic panel (discussed later) are enough. It will keep you safe and protected while you focus on your mission.

Ballistic plates

A ballistic plate is a highly popular self-defense item. They are also called hard armors because they protect the wearer from Level IV threats. They are designed to stop large, fast-moving bullets, like those fired from rifles and submachine guns. Moreover, they provide protection for important body parts like the heart and the plates and can be inserted into the pockets on the front or back of the vests.

Ballistic plates are made from hardened ceramic material and polyethylene. These plates are mostly used by troops during infiltration as they can withstand multiple bullet impacts.

They come in 3 major shapes:

  • Full cut: A square or a rectangle is frequently employed as a back plate, side protection, or as an insert for a case or backpack.
  • Shooter’s cut: It is the most typical cut. It is often worn in the front of carriers or vests and is a rectangle with the top corners chopped or slanted to allow for greater arm movement and weapon shouldering.
  • Swimmer’s cut: Instead of a 45° cut off the corner, which permits the majority of arm and shoulder movement, a more extreme clip or cut that extends farther down the side of the plate is preferred for highly active operators and disaster relief teams.

Respirators & Goggles

The tactical military often uses gas and grenades, which aim at forcing people out of a particular position. So, in order to not get affected by these gases, military forces use respirators for breathing clean air and goggles to keep debris and dust away from blurring their vision. Moreover, they fit perfectly with the helmet and armor and assist in missions.

Bulletproof Helmets

As you have protected your vision and body, a bulletproof helmet is to protect your head. These helmets are made by combining Kevlar and a hard composite, giving them an unmatched sturdiness and resilience. There are various levels of helmets that you can choose from

So, this completes the whole military armor set. These equipment and safety gears are a must while going on a critical mission and require the use of tactical equipment. You can get these items from a reliable online defense lender.

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