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Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Ali Hamza

You will find a lot of information on the internet that will misguide you to believe in the most stupid of things. These stupid things are also called myths that can prevent you from taking the right decision. The best way to avoid getting into the trap of these myths is to contact a mobile repair shop to know the truth behind them.

Myths Debunked by a Mobile Repair Shop

Many people don’t bother to consider these myths to be important because to them they have no value. This is a good thing but gadget users should have info about them so that they can keep away from the trap.

Cell Phone Mechanics Mishandling the Data

There can be two scenarios in this situation. The first one is that the technicians misuse the info against device owners. The second one is that they accidentally delete everything. These situations don’t occur all the time as repair stores hire staff that will protect the device and data all the time.

Device Manufacturers Provide the Guaranteed Services

A lot of individuals think that if they want to have guaranteed repair services then they should always take the device to the original manufacturer. It has to be understood that a licensed cell phone repair store in Fresno will provide guaranteed services.

Device Can’t Revive from Water Damage

The technicians make the decision of declaring the device retrievable or not by the quantity of water penetrated into the device. If the issue is not fixed after repairing; then this means that you should think of buying a new device.

Raw Rice is Extremely Effective for Drying

Some people might advise you to soak your device and especially a cell phone in a bag of raw rice. This might absorb water from the outer cover but not inside. This technique is not recommended by repair stores like Cell Pros Fresno.

No Resale Value After Repairing

It is a misunderstanding of people that you are unable to resell your device because of the repairs. But this is not true as timely repairs will boost the efficiency of the device and increases the resale value.

Just Mobiles Fixed at Repair Stores

Not all repair centers deal only with mobiles. You will find a long list of stores doing electronics repair in Fresno. These devices include iPads, gaming consoles, Apple watches, TVs, iPods, computers, and tablets.

Nothing will happen to the Scratched Screen

Another myth that people have spread is that the scratches on the screen can be ignored and fixed until it has been broken. This is a dangerous thing to do because it might damage the touch function.

Functions of the Gadget will Change

If the technicians by any chance replace the wrong part in another device; then the gadget will not work. This will happen because the other device parts are installed in the wrong gadget. The motherboard of the same gadget and model will be installed.

Background Apps Slows the Devices

There are other reasons for the device to slow down; background apps are one of the reasons but not the only one. Another reason includes the lack of space in the device.

Overcharging Bad for the Battery

This is a myth that at least smartphone, Android, and iPhone users shouldn’t believe because these latest devices the device will automatically stop charging.

Buying a Device Instead of Repairs is the Best

This situation might occur if the cost of repairs is more than three to four hundred dollars. But for minor issues, there is no need for buying a new device. The technicians at a mobile repair shop will use different tools and techniques to fix the problems.

It is important for mobile users to know about the myth about electronic gadgets; so that they are beware of them.

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