8 ways to build an eye-catching resume


The first impression is the last. Several times we hear this statement which also depicts the very first impact the resume of a job hunter makes on the interviewer. It is really not a big deal to get yourself that ideal resume but, to be honest, there is no ideal resume exists. Perfection varies from person to person and company to company. However, considering the existing requirement of hiring on the basis of multiple factors and not only skills, both junior employees and freshmen usually suffer. So, if you are among those employees planning to update your resume for a brighter tomorrow. The guide is for you.

Go through 8 key factors.

Life changing hacks for strong resume are listed here.

Nature of the job

The structure of the resume also depends upon the profession of the future employee. There are countless templates available for you to pick from multiple resources. Not every template belongs to every resume out there. Let me elaborate on this for you. If an applicant is a graphic designer, they got a big ground to play on compared to a writer of course. In fact, the majority of professions do not entertain fancy resumes. Better opt for a simpler one in terms of design yet try to attract readers with the power of words and accomplishment. Apart from this, looking for subtle shades is a good idea to highlight a part of a resume.

Throw light on GPA and institutions

Interviewers often get impressed by GPAs that’s why it’s important to maintain one even if you take a cheap essay writing service when cannot afford expensive ones. Nobody will be interested in your mid-school grades yet keeping the pattern the same in your resume would look good. Certain job providers give the utmost value to the educational institution the interviewee had studied from, and explains why they should be typed in bold letter in resume.

Overall structure

Academic history, previous jobs, skillset, course and certification, career objectification, and contact parts are mandatory in almost every summary.

The position cannot be the same in every piece of the resume but the internal structure remains constant except in special circumstances. When penning down the list of degrees, start from the latest one even if you pursued it two years ago.

For example, your last degree was of master’s, follow descending order till middle school. The same goes for the case of work experience and certifications etc. In recent times, on-paper knowledge is not enough so do not forget to add on the set of skills in your resume to stand out.

Keep it concise yet impactful

Quantity never guarantees quality, but rather increases the chances of exaggeration. Can you take such a risk with resume while staying jobless in a highly congested market? Who would want to? Hence, collect every essential detail, filter out excessive parts, and rearrange fruitful data in a comprehended manner to end up leaving a strong and powerful impression within the given time. Remember when an HR manager or team lead posts a job ad they receive a bundle of resumes every day. It is highly unlikely for them to go through each and every minnow thing mentioned, this behavior may leave your special traits to go unnoticed. How painful it is for a job seeker not to get a call even for an interview due to unimpressive resume? let alone further steps. Hence, conciseness works best.

Noticeable profile summary and career objective

It is the only part of the resume that allows searchers to communicate directly with the hiring person. Educational and work background are quite formal to describe your professional side. But the profile summary and career objective do an exceptional job. While the previous one highlights your qualities of you as a person, the latter one showcase your strengths in resume. And how their presence is going to benefit your business. Make sure to use strong vocabulary which enables the recruiter not to ignore your resume but give you an interview call. Now the question is where to locate these paragraphs. Better keep them on the top side of the page right after your name.

Emphasize relevant experience

Since we live in an era where experience is a crucial part of the job description. Even the resume seems to be incomplete without it. What a recruiter looks for in suitable candidates is their past experience more than a degree. Reasons behind this are the frequently changing trends, market demands, advancements in technology, etc. Again, type the most recent one above along with starting date. Furthermore, the resume also allows you to describe the projects you had worked on, the content you created, etc. In short showcase your professional journeys one by one accompanied by the date and name of the company. If you were associated with a job that wasn’t meant for you in past, there is no hard and fast rule to mention it. It’s a complete choice. Just be confident with your career break shows up on your resume.

Highlight the accomplishments if freshman

Professional history has to be there in resume no matter even it was an unpaid internship, a bit of freelancing experience, industry, or whatever. In case you do not have any of it, Relax! Freshies are supposed to acquire some by stepping into the industry. We all begin from zero, only time differs. There is no second thought that few companies underestimate freshmen. But some companies still judge your capabilities more than years of experience by live answers and resume. So, be hopeful, keep trying your luck, work hard, and polish the existing skills via practical implementation. Moreover, you can literally grab attention by highlighting your other accomplishments like workshops you attended, diplomas, certification, and career-related seminars.

Get ideas from fellow competitors

Competitors can be your best friends in the practical world because there is no shame in admiring the deserving. By following competitors’ strategies, brands build their own after adding some variations, and the chain continues. In case you go another way around with your resume, be ready to face the consequences unless accompanied by special support at the back. That is why give prior attention to the existing resume of candidates from the same industry. If not from the same level. Only this way you will have an idea how of the things that matters the most.

Bottom line:

One of the hardest phases is not to reach the HR department but impress the interviewer all the way. Ensuring an eye-catching resume definitely increases the chances in this regard. Next time when you intend to switch jobs or apply as a newbie, create a resume that gets you an edge among opportunists.

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