7 handy packing tips for when you move

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Last Updated on May 24, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Moving is a stressful time for many people. Good preparation is required to ensure that your move goes smoothly, safely, and pleasantly. After all, good preparation is half the battle! What should you keep in mind when you move? When do you start packing, and how can you do this most conveniently? We are happy to give you the best packing tips for a carefree move.

Note: when you enlist the help of a professional mover, they will also provide their own checklist with packing tips. Always use these packing tips for moving as a guideline. With this, your mover guarantees the safety of the transport of all your belongings. Prepare all protective packaging materials in advance to avoid stress during the moving process.

Tip 1: Start on time

A good tip to start with: Start packing on time as soon as you have the moving boxes. Pack a few boxes every day. Use separate boxes for each room, so easy when you are going to unpack in your new home. And don’t forget to label the boxes. Then everyone immediately knows in which room in the new house they should be placed.

Tip 2: Label a dozen

A move usually takes a lot of time. Often it is not possible to unpack everything in one day and give it a place in your new home. No worries! If you have properly labeled all your boxes and unpack the most important items first, you will have enough time later for all the accessories and the like. However, don’t forget that you will also need handy items such as pen and paper, scissors, tools and cleaning products on the first day. Collect these kinds of supplies in time and put them all in one box. This way, you have all the necessary tools for the first day at hand.

Note: Also, arrange your snacks or food for the moving day. Because your refrigerator is packed so you can use chilled packaging boxes as an alternative to store your food.

Tip 3: Photograph screws

You probably spend most of your move taking apart and reassembling your furniture. That quickly leads to a lot of loose screws, but how do you make sure you don’t lose them? One missing screw can be a problem in reassembling your cabinet, table or bed. A handy packing tip for your move is to photograph all screws where they come from. Then store them together in a bag and tape them to the corresponding piece of furniture.

Tip 4: Keep cords and accessories together

When you move, you quickly lose the overview. Often it is the small items that get lost first. The TV remote, a charger, or other cables. Not so handy when you want to connect the TV or computer in the new house. Our packing tip for your move: keep all cords and accessories together with tape and secure them to the corresponding device. Is this not possible? Then collect them all in one box and label the cords well to be able to disassemble them later.

Tip 5: Pack fragile items

You have to be extra careful with fragile items such as crockery, glasses or vases. But, of course, you don’t want them to be damaged during the move. Therefore, always use the packing tips for moving when you choose to pack your things yourself. Only then can you claim the warranty in the event of damage.

Tip 6: Packing jewelry when you move

Packing jewelry can’t be that hard, right? Put it all together in a box, and you’re done! Or not? To prevent all your necklaces, earrings and bracelets from getting tangled during the move, we give some packing tips for moving jewelry:

  • Put each necklace or bracelet individually in a ziplock bag
  • To prevent chains from tangling, you can thread them through a drinking straw or toilet roll
  • Small earrings can be kept in a pill box
  • Large earrings can be pierced through a piece of cardboard or through the buttonhole of a garment
  • To be sure that your valuable jewelry is not damaged during the move, we also advise you to consult the packing tips for moving from your Recognized Mover. Only then can you claim the warranty in the event of damage.

Tip 7: Move clothes smartly

Did you know that there are separate wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes? One of the most useful packing tips when moving, which should not be missing from this list! These are large moving boxes with a beam to hang your clothes on with clothes hangers. The perfect packing tip to move your clothes wrinkle-free! You can easily pack all folded clothing in moving boxes or, for example, your travel suitcase. This way, you immediately fill in all the empty space.

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