15+ Content Filtering Solutions for Education Providers

Content Filtering

Content filtering helps keep risky content away from corporate networks. But, most organizations are not fully aware of content filtering. Several managed service providers or MSPs use basic filtering.

Content filtering extends beyond website access restrictions. MSPs block access to risky websites to prevent ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks from accessing corporate networks. Phishing attacks deceive employees into visiting fake websites or lead them to download malware unintentionally.

Content filtering helps you block access to improper websites to save quality time and prevent access to inappropriate content. This process effectively increases productivity and protects client privacy to fetch Cheap Essay Writer. But weakly structured content filtering can restrict access to legitimate content and reduce optimal productivity.

Top Content Filtering Solutions for Education Providers

Now let us review some of the best content filtering solutions education providers can use in 2022.

  1. Forcepoint Secure WebGateway–The Websense Web Security decreases malware attacks, reduces help desk incidents, and frees critical IT resources. The filter contains over 100 categories for filtering and security. In addition, the application offers over 60 reports with access to roles and customizations.
  • TitanHQ WebTitan–WebTitan is a potential web filter that offers online security, DNS filter control, and advanced web to various businesses. TitanHQ WebTitan offers complete defenses from threats like comprehensive content filtering, malware, phishing, viruses, and ransomware. Its quick, five-minute setup can prevent your usersfrom accessing improper online content. The filter also includes the best cloud-support architecture and antivirus features.
  • McAfee Web Protection– The web content filtering tool McAfee Web Protection offers protection against complicated online threats across different devices. Its content filtering offers security, manipulation, and flexible deployment for in-depth content inspection. McAfee Labs detect more than 100,000 new malware every day. McAfee also provides security features linked with the Web 2.0 environment.
  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway – Standing in the fourth position, this solution to the top Web Content Filtering tools has a high preference among small businesses. It helps save on bandwidth and prevents viruses and malware that hamper user productivity. The Barracuda Web Security Gateway offers complete protection from viruses, spyware, and malware. Some of its additional advanced features are SSL-encryption traffic visibility, social-network regulation, and remote filtering.
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall–NG Firewalls (former name) can use multisite and disperse across several networks. It comprises firewall features like site-to-site VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-spam or anti-malware, application control, and web filtering. In addition, its ATP or Advanced Threat Protection can scrutinize doubtful data and traffic with add-on firewall reporting capacities. Barracuda also offers load-balancing across uplinks. 
  • SonicWall CFS – SonicWall Content Filtering Service or SonicWall CFS is a highly stable filtering solution. You can use it to filter URLs, contents, and solutions. In addition, the SonicWall CFS can block the user from accessing certain malware or social media websites.
  • Symantec WebFilter Overview–Symantec WebFilter facilitates business productivity compliance by blocking web threats or malware downloads. WebFilter combines URL filtering technologies and anti-malware to create a robust defense. The Symantec Global Intelligence Network increases its reputation and improves web content analysis with hidden malware detection tools.
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor Reviews–The McAfee SiteAdvisor Reviews offer Advanced Warnings to help you stay safe while browsing online. Its color-coded ratings let you know the safety of a website. In addition, the McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise prevents access to unreliable websites with customizable access permissions.
  • GoSecure Web Security–Are you looking for powerful web protection? GoSecure Web Security combines mitigation and threat detection with fine-tuned content. It ensures reliable protection from different Advanced Persistent Threats like viruses, botnets, malware, etc.
  1. Cisco Umbrella – The core component of Cisco’s SASE or secures access service edge architecture. It integrates several security services within one cloud-native central solution for Internet accessibility and cloud app usage. As a result, Cisco Umbrella decreases resource usage on deployment, configuration, and integration.
  1. Untangle NG Firewall – This open-source gateway security and firewall platform are free. It also includes a cloud-based management platform with pain add-ons. You can also provide several deployment features that best suit smaller teams. In addition, it has dedicated support with a reliable community forum.
  1. GoGuardian Admin – It is a web content filtering solution from the Los Angeles education software company GoGuardian. This tool offers on-campus and off-campus filtering for a website.
  1. Check Point Quantum Security Gateway–It is a next-generation tiered firewall product. Its base model comes with core firewall services that upgrade to spam, virus, or anti-bot capabilities. In addition, this filter offers secure data transmission over several vendors on VPN connectivity. However, you might face decreased network latency on excess usage. 
  1. Lightspeed Filter–Lightspeed Filter, a.k.a. Relay (former name), provides insightinto the function and efficacy of 1:1 classroom devices.It prioritizes the safety of its users while increasing educational returns over technology investments. In addition, the application simplifies management and reporting procedures. However, it comes with an expandable report capacity.
  1. FortiGuard Web Filtering Service–The web content filter – FortiGuard Web Filtering Service protects search keywords like Google, YouTube, or other social media sites. Its operation might be simple but needs more improvement.
  1. Securly Filter – This cloud-based web filtering for K-12 categories offers parental controls with proper screen time management. It helps educational institutions and parents to keep their children safe from the dangers of the digital world. Securly Filter does not place censorship on the Internet but offers an online haven for children.
  1. Avast CloudCare – This cloud-based security platform enables IT professionals to track threats. It offers layered security services across several devices, networks, and offices. You pay only for the security that you require. In addition, its network and endpoint security services provide complete protection on a central platform.
  1. ContentProtect – This web content filtering solution enables users to access limited websites for classes. The client application ContentProtect does not influence the performance of other applications of its lightweight architecture. It’s often tricky to bypass the client, preventing users from breaking their boundaries. ContentProtect is easy to use and deploys better.


Content filtering helps improve productivity and efficiency by restricting access to risky websites. Education providers can use these content filtering features to deliver top-quality content to their students. This post discusses the top 18 content filtering solutions available to you.

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