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Model 442 online at GunBroke

The cover convey Smith and Wesson 5-shot J-Bundling 38 S&W Exceptional +P guns appeared sw 442 for sale with 1950’s self-security Model 40. The 442 is one of its relatives: it hardens admirable retro looks with current social affair and more lightweight materials.

The Model 442 comes in matte faint. Like its forerunners, it’s twofold activity just (DAO), get free and uncommonly beneficial. The course of action is eminently intense and unimportant for cover convey. The edge is lightweight aluminum composite. The barrel is hardened steel, and the fluted chamber is carbon steel. The inside sledge is besides set steel.

You can get 442s with a dull polymer hold or a pink polymer handle.

The holds are oval finished and have two decent finger breaks. Expecting you get the model with the pink handle, it comes standard with the faint hold as well, so that is a decent arrangement!

The edge combines an arranged front inclination sight and a genuine back one. The barrel is simply 1.875″ exorbitantly lengthy time span, when in doubt, is 6.3″. The weapon has a no inside lock variety that weighs 14.6 ounces and a standard thriving construction that adds a smidge of weight bringing it up to 14.7 ounces. Different points are something practically indistinguishable.

The cover convey Smith and Wesson 442 5-shot J-outline weapons are made in Springfield, Massachusetts and in this way Made in USA.

What’s for Happening

Smith and Wesson Model 442 Firearm
Trigger Lock Keys
Interface Lock
Proprietor’s Manual
Smith and Wesson J-Bundling weapons have overseen you beginning around 1950. These little sw 442 for sale weapons were expected to shoot a full power round and are as key and simple to use as they are solid. Open in different sorts and with three composed hammer plans. it is nothing astounding that the Smith and Wesson J-Bundling has changed into the most imperative, little edge, security weapon available.

The Model 442 is a combination of the Model 42 Centennial Airweight that incorporates significant solid areas for the of the first with present day enhancements. This lightweight, encased hammer gun is a fundamental back-up and covered convey weapon.


Considering the pitiful, lightweight development factor. The Smith and Wesson Model 442 .38 S&W Uncommon +P Gun makes an incredible hidden away convey weapon. The twofold activity gun is made with a 1.875-inch, treated steel barrel. A carbon-steel chamber and an aluminum-composite edge, and it has twofold sights and an encased, get free sledge. Evaluated for endless +P use.
Elements and Advantages
Planned hold
Basic front sight and a decent back sight
Twofold development with a 5-round limit
1.875-inch, treated steel barrel, a carbon-steel chamber and an aluminum-compound edge

Smith and Wesson 442

The Smith and Wesson 442 firearm is an indisputable concealed convey weapon. This gun can be shrouded in a holster for a satisfying pass the entire day due on to its smoothed out. Lightweight game plan. The S&W 442 is solid and terrible with its aluminum compound edge. Hardened steel barrel. And carbon steel chamber and is raised. To deal with the savage circumstances that a handgun should endure. They consolidate a 5 round limit, an ergonomic created handle, a twofold development finishing framework, and worked with front sights. Omaha Outside has a tremendous choice of these dynamite 38 Specials. Including the LaserMax, Engraved, Execution Center. And models with a security. Thusly, in the event that you are searching for significant areas for a to hide away with your different effects. The Smith and Wesson 442 open to be purchased won’t confuse.


The new Show Social class Model 442 firearm was organized with brand name Execution Center updates, including a smooth two-tone finish, high-cleaned highlights, Red Follow LG-105 Lasergrips, and a Show Spot Tuned Activity.

Expected for covered convey, the Show Spot Model 442 combines a Red Follow LG-105 laser hold with red laser for quick objective getting in under ideal lighting conditions. Stacked in .38 S&W Uncommon +P, this new gun is twofold development just solid with a five round limit. Extra parts merge a tempered steel chamber with high-cleaned chamber woodwinds; a high-finished thumbpiece, plate screws, and trigger; and a Show Spot tuned activity for a smoother, lighter trigger draw.

Gun Highlights
Execution Center Tuned Development
Dim red Follow LG-105 Lasergrips with Red Laser
Hardened Steel Chamber with Matte Satisfaction
High-Cleaned Chamber Woodwinds
High-Cleaned Hardened Steel Thumbpiece and Plate Screws
No Inside Lock